Agritech (Formerly Pak-American Fertilizers LTD) was the first Nitrogenous fertilizer plant built in Pakistan. It was commissioned in 1958 with production capacity of 50000 MTPA of Ammonium Sulphate based on indigenous coal & gypsum as raw materials. The capacity was enhanced to 90000 MTPA in 1968.
To meet the power requirement of plant, a Power House comprising two steam turbo generators of 11.5 MW / each capacity was also setup.
In 1973 the plant was converted from coal gasification to Natural Gas process.
BMR of the plant was planned and in the first phase (1982 ~ 84), an 85 MTPH capacity Demineralized water plant and 85 MTPH capacity new boiler was installed.
Due to aging the Ammonium Sulphate Plant operation became uneconomical, therefore a BMR was planned and the old Ammonium Sulphate Plant was replaced with new, State of the Art MW Kellogg’s Process Ammonia & Toyo’s ACES Urea Plants. Designed capacities of the plants are:
Ammonia 600 MTPD
Urea 1050 MTPD
The New Plant was commissioned in September, 1998 and came into commercial production in November, 1999. At present plant is in production at 104% load.
Old Ammonium Sulphate plant was stopped on June 30, 1997.
The old facilities of Phase-I like boiler house, powerhouse, demin water plant and workshops etc. were maintained for supporting the new plants (Phase-II).
PAFL has achieved distinction of ISO certification for both; Quality Management and Environmental Management Systems i.e. ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004.