Agritech plant is located about 50 kilometers toward North of Mianwali city. Its location is strategically important from marketing point of view. Major portion of production is sold in 150~200 kilometers radius thus giving clear advantage over the competitors. Also it is the closest plant to fertilizer consuming areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province.
The main business of the company is the manufacturing and marketing of fertilizers. The company owns and operates the country’s newest and most efficient urea manufacturing plant at Mianwali. The company also manufactures SSP (Single Super Phosphate) at its plant at Haripur Hazara, which is the largest Single Super Phosphate(SSP) manufacturing plant in the country.
Having achieved the company’s strategic goal to become a diversified fertilizer manufactures producing both nitrogenous and phosphatic fertilizers, the Company’s product are sold under one of the most celebrated and trusted brand name “Tara” in the fertilizer market.